Case study – Making ends meat

Making ends meat

Maintenance work

case study making ends meat

The Scope and project complexities:

Our Auckland based client supplies retail ready meat to supermarkets from a central production facility. The success of the business stems from the packaging of meat for transport with a special material.


Seafood, chicken, pork and red meat are all processed to exacting specifications based on individual supermarket forecasts. Production is highly automated, with robotic warehousing cranes, automated production lines, conveyors, and a buffer chiller carousel system feeding product weighing, labelling and sorting machine.


For our client, the reliable operation of the facility has a direct affect on the bottom line.

The Result:

  • We provided a fully integrated maintenance and preventative maintenance service team to our client.
  • Our engineering team assist with the day to day running of the plant addressing production issues as they occur guaranteeing the client can meet its orders on a daily basis.
  • Our team includes site managers, full maintenance crew cleaners, setters, and fitters. We purchase spare parts and stock, and manage inventory to ensure parts are always on hand.
  • We perform regular detailed inspections of all machinery and equipment.
  • The result for the client is a world leading process facility.