Project Work

Project engineering and management professionals

Over the years we have undertaken numerous projects across the broad spectrum of the food, beverage, meat and dairy industries. In particular, we have developed higher level expertise in the design of process lines and layout.

Examples of projects completed by Apex:
New process facilities
  • Turn-key pet food processing facility
  • Drum, pallecon and aseptic filling system incorporating process and materials handling equipment
  • New multi-million dollar meat processing facility
  Process facility upgrades
  • Proces line clean in place upgrades
  • Steam and compressed air systems reviews with recommendations for upgrades
  • Review and rectification of problematic conveyor systems causing downtime
  Can and canning systems
  • Maintenance upgrade of can cookers
  • Sourcing, installation and commissioning of filling machines
  • Can handling review, recommendations and upgrade
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Ready meals
  • New complete ready meals line design, installation and commissioning
  • Upgrades to equipment to meet improved efficiency demands
  • Relocation of existing equipment to existing process lines 
  Fruit handling
  • Design, manufacture and installation of bin tippers
  • Relocation, upgrade and expansion of herb processing plant
  • Conveyor systems for sensitive fruit handling
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